Hi! I’m Sam.  I live in Santee with Tyler, my husband, and our two dogs.  We’ve been living in Santee for a couple of years.  I’m from Long Island, New York and I came to San Diego in 2012 to attend the University of San Diego.  I fell in love with San Diego and never looked back.  

Balanced Yogi Yoga, Wellness and Fitness Studio in Santee CA

I’ve been practicing yoga since high school.  I fell in love with yoga for its physical, mental and spiritual benefits.  It has definitely helped me through some stressful times in my life.  I always valued practicing at a local, community studio.  When we moved to Santee I was disappointed that the local yoga studios closed during Covid.  I was determined to change this.  I completed my 200 hour yoga training at Riffs Studio in Bird Rock, and my husband and I are excited to be moving forward with our goal of operating a local, community yoga studio here in Santee.

Balanced Yogi Studio - Yoga, Fitness and Wellness studio in Santee, CA
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